I’m going on vacation tomorrow and coming back the 20th, so there will be a short hiatus while I have no internet connection

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dogs aren’t too complicated but they think they are comics


Magnificent sequence of Kiki’s kind nature to help her elderly customer bake a pie in a traditional method, even costing her health and engaging activities in order to deliver the goods to the birthday party of her customer’s granddaughter. It shows that no matter how hard you work, sometimes it goes under-appreciated. In truth, you and I have been in that situation before. The beauty of Studio Ghibli films is that we can relate to a lot of the hardships these characters go through in a very realistic circumstance.

i drew some chibi barricade boys to try out this new brush i downloaded ●˘◡˘●

i drew some chibi barricade boys to try out this new brush i downloaded ●˘◡˘●

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Grantaire being one of those people who’s like “no I don’t wanna hold the baby thanks” not because he doesn’t like kids, he actually thinks kids are the best, but because he’s scared of fucking up somehow but one time when he’s left alone with a baby he’s all wary and nervous but he picks up the baby and he holds the baby and then he vows to never let the baby go and the baby actually stops crying when he holds it and that’s how everyone finds out he has super magic baby skills

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In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madame President or Mrs. President?

6-year-old child, addressing Hillary Clinton (via usnews)

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